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Lydia's Art as an Archive.

Although Lydia's web site allows the opportunity to buy prints of her work, its main purpose is to showcase images that illustrate the wide range of her interests, inspiration and talent.

I know that there are many more examples of her work in existence than I have been able to feature on the site so far and I am hoping that, in time, the web site will feature a greater number of her works than it does at present.

If you have an original example of one of Lydia's artworks, are willing to have it featured on the website, and are able to send me a photograph of it, I would be very happy to add it to the web site with an acknowledgement and credit.

Digital camera images can usually be sent directly by e-mail these days but if you are still working with film I can also process snaps, slides or negatives into images suitable for inclusion in the website.

If you have an artwork but cannot photograph it, then perhaps you would get in touch anyway. We might well be able to come to an arrangement whereby I could come and photograph the artwork and even if this were not possible, it would be nice to know where Lydia's work has ended up.

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